Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet Review

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Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet Review
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Selecting a tennis racquet for children can be a challenge since lots of sports equipment companies often make junior racquets in a several varying sizes. If you buy a model that is too large or too tiny for your kid’s capabilities, then it will have a negative effect on your child’s training.

A proper racquet does not always need to be something that comes from a high-end brand, but it should be something that is proportional to your child’s height. The grip should also accommodate kids’ smaller hands. In order to be a good tennis player, your child needs the best racquet that will rightfully fit his needs.

One example of a racquet for kids is the Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet. Do check this review if this one will fit your child’s requirements.

Features of Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet

  • Recommended for children aged 7 to 8 years
  • Comes with 19mm RG beam
  • Has head size of 95 sq. inches
  • Has string pattern of 16 x 17
  • Has unstrung balance of 2 pts head light
  • Has strung weight of 205
  • Has length of 58.4 cm


These days, companies have accommodated the needs of younger tennis players. Children as young as 3 years of age are now learning how to play the sport, and this is actually great news because it sharpens and hones children’s mental capacities apart from allowing them to have a regular form of physical activity.

There are children’s tennis racquets being sold now—available models are scaled to suit the age and size of children. They won’t have to use adult-sized tennis racquets that are too cumbersome and unwieldy for smaller hands to grip. One example of such a product is this Burn model from Wilson.

It is essential that parents consider the length and weight of the racquet that suits their children’s age, height, and skill level. You won’t have to worry that much though because there are guides that can help you choose a racquet that fits the needs of your kid.

Excellent training programs will also help you get great advice about products that your child can use. You can ask for tips from a coaching professional about these matters instead of asking the staff at your nearest sports equipment store. These coaches will be capable of estimating the best racquet by observing the child’s technique.

As a fact, no coach or trainer likes to witness a kid practicing with a racquet that is the wrong size, as this makes proper learning really rough. Coaches have the expertise to find out which size will fit your child’s height, age, and skill level best.

Pros can easily analyze a child’s capabilities in playing the sport. This model from Wilson will fit the needs of children aged 7 to 8 years and it bears the appropriate specs required by kids in that age range.

You can also refer to the racquet size guidelines made available by lots of racquet dealers. The recommendations indicated on those charts must only be utilized as an overall guide so parents can have a starting point when it comes to finding a good racquet for their kids.

It is advised that you should not allow your child to play with an adult-sized racquet until they are capable of swinging the item with great control. Letting your kid use a racquet that is overly long with a bigger grip size might result in wrist or shoulder injury.

When it comes to children’s racquets, Wilson has a nice range of such equipment. Fast serves and excellent returns are made possible by means of these products. This is a nice option for beginner tennis players and this model comes with a lightweight frame.

This particular frame makes for a smoother swing and great maneuverability. The racquet also comes with a larger sweet spot which means it will have the best possible contact for accurate positioning. The product also comes with a vivid, fun design that encourages kids to play better.

This product comes at an affordable price and makes for great value. It is comfortable to use, has good performance, and is very user-friendly. If you have a child 7 to 8 years of age who is enthusiastic about their tennis play, this is a great product to use during practice.


At this time, we did not see any drawbacks using this racquet for kids.


The Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet is a great beginner racquet for children aged 7 to 8 years old. It is manufactured by a reputable brand, has a great design, and is made from quality materials.

Best of all, this is one of the most affordable racquets for kids being sold today. This is something you should check out in case you want something that meets your budget limits yet at the same time still provides your kid the means to sharpen their playing skills.