The Different Kinds of Tennis Racquets

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The Different Kinds of Tennis Racquets
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Selecting a good tennis racket means you have to understand a few important basics about the item first. You need to know information about the types of tennis racquets being sold on the market right now.

Here are the racquets you need to be aware of.

Power: The different kinds of tennis racquets

Power racquets refer to items that can provide lots of power during play. The majority of these models often come with larger heads from 107 to 135 inches. They are also lightweight, weighing from 8 to 9.5 oz. and longer at 27 to 29 inches.

Power racquets are also evenly balanced in terms of head-heaviness to maintain sufficient weight when it comes to hitting the ball. This kind of racquet is also more rigid compared to others.


The tweener racquet is lighter at 9.5 to 11 oz. and they are often moderately head-heavy or head light. It comes with midplus heads at 95 to 102 inches and is long at 27.5 to 28 inches.

It gives off low medium down to medium-high power and suitable for players who have intermediate and advanced playing skills. It is for players who are after plenty of maneuverability as well.


This kind of racquet is usually selected by advanced players and those who play professionally and compete in tournaments. They are often heavier in terms of weight at 11.5 to 13 oz. and come with smaller heads at 85-98 inches. This kind of racket also comes with more bendable beams and have a balanced head light in order to sustain maneuverability and control.

This is a low power kind of racket, which suits the needs of players who want to produce their own power and are after lots of control over their play. It has a regular or extended length.

Specifications of a Tennis Racquet

Apart from the racquet types, you also need to know more about the workings of a racquet. Here are some of the important terms you must follow.

Size of head

Power is usually concerned with head size and a bigger head generates lots of power compared to a racquet with a smaller head. It also comes with a bigger hitting area.


The length of a racket ranges from 27 to 29 inches. These lengths are considered the legal limits meant for tournaments or competitions.

A racket that has an extended length means it will have more reach when it comes to groundstrokes, provide extra leverage during serves, and will give more moderate power.

Balance and weight

The essential factors that will have an impact on how a racquet will leave an impression are when a player picks it and tries to swing it during a play. A heavier racket is considered to be more powerful, have lots of stability, and will distribute less shock. A lighter one has lots of maneuverability so a player will be able to swing it faster.

Frame rigidity

The volume a frame bounces whenever a ball comes in contact has a direct impact on its power. A racquet that is more rigid or stiffer will bend less hence using up less energy coming from the ball.

Meanwhile, a racquet that has more flex will bend further and this leads to lots of energy shortfall.

String pattern

The compactness of an item’s string pattern has an impact on the overall performance of a racquet. A model that comes with open string patterns will bounce more compared to a closed one and this, in turn, will give off better ball rebound.

An open string type will not be as tight or compact as the closed kind since it’s threaded at a similar tension.

So which tennis racquet should you go after? It is often suggested that you should not go and buy the first tennis racquet you see in the store. Try one first—you can do so by borrowing a racquet from a friend and trying it out. Tennis racquets are not exactly cheap and therefore you must be wise in making your final decision.

You can also ask a tennis professional about such items or ask experts from a tennis club in your locality. These people are often knowledgeable when it comes to tennis equipment and they can help you a lot on the products being sold on the market.

They can also provide you with tips on understanding your style and level of play hence assist you in finding the best product among the different kinds of tennis racquets.