Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids Review

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Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids Review
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Millions of people around the world enjoy a game of tennis. It is considered to be a kind of sport that can help in developmental skill acquisition. It has plenty of advantages apart from the physical and mental aspects. If your kid is showing interest in the sport, it is important that you pick an appropriate racquet for your child.

The racquet should be easy to use, weigh the right amount, and accommodate the child’s skills. One example of this is the Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids.

Features of Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids

  • Has great range of sizes based on child’s age (from 7-21 inches)
  • Made from quality aluminum material
  • Has simple, comfortable grip handle
  • Has grip circumference of 4 inches
  • Comes in wide range of bright patterns and colors
  • Has strung polyester strings
  • Comes in shorter lengths and lighter weights
  • Includes bigger head for easier shots
  • Comes pre-strung and ready to use
  • Includes shock pads


Tennis is a game that requires the best equipment. It concerns force so the ball will hit the other side of the net and for this, the racquet should be able to withstand power and speed. Tennis racquets for children are different from those used by adults.

The ones for kids are lighter in terms of weight and they also come with funky designs and vivid colors to further pique the interest of children for the sport. Now if you are looking for a quality racquet for children’s use, this might be your product.

The grip is essential when it comes to shots in the sport of tennis so Street Tennis Club provided this model with a grip area that is composed of synthetic materials that can take in sweat. This slip-resistant grip makes handling the racquet easier and it will stop it from slipping out of the player’s grasp during a game. The material used for it is soft and sturdy.

The racquet is also made from lightweight material that does not scrimp when it comes to quality. Because of this lighter weight, children will avoid chances of falling prey to wrist and shoulder injury. The lightweight properties of the racquet will also make handling the item a breeze.

The racquet also comes in a good range of sizes to accommodate varying ages, heights, and weights of players. It can accommodate junior users from ages 8 to 12 years old. It comes in 3 regular sizes from 17 inches to 21 inches.

The product also comes with a great design and build. The primary body design is made from high-quality aluminum, which makes the item light and durable. Because it is made from aluminum, it means the item will not crack or break if dropped on the hard ground.

Another great thing about this product is that it has a high gloss finish on its edges and adds a nice touch to the whole ensemble. This finish will also help minimize any kind of friction that could have been caused by aggressive contact with the ball.

The racquet has a bigger head so there is lots of surface area, boosting players’ chances of having ball contact in a game. Ball impact produces vibrations and this can affect younger players, so in order to curb this, the racquet was provided with shock pads to boost comfort and relief while playing.

For a truly eye-catching game, the item also has bright colors and fun designs. This racquet comes with a smiley face to encourage users to play a livelier game throughout.


One disadvantage of this racquet is that while the head’s strings are pre-adjusted and can be used immediately after buying it in the store, these strings might need some modification because of movement. When it comes to this aspect, children or their parents might find it a challenge to fix this problem.


Choosing a quality tennis racquet has been confirmed to be an important factor when it comes to performances during a game. The Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids is an affordable model that has great quality and is a good option for beginner kids who want to play the sport.

If you are on the lookout for a quality racquet that has the capability to bear the brunt of a good game of tennis, then this product is something you need to check out. It will assist your kids to enhance their skills and become faster and more adept in the game.

The item comes in a good range of sizes to accommodate different children’s ages. This is a product that we recommend highly due to the quality construction and, of course, the price. For an affordable racquet, it’s quite high-quality.