Prince Tour 98 ESP Tennis Racquet Review

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Prince Tour 98 ESP Tennis Racquet Review
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What makes a good tennis player? Asking this question seems that you’ve been playing tennis for quite some time. Gone are the days when you were starting, learning the basics and rules of the game. So, you are here asking for some tips to improve your performance.

You’ve come to the right place. This article shows you some ways on how to improve and features one of the best tennis racquets suitable for experienced players like you.

Here are several ways to be a better tennis player:

Create a plan on the practice court

One thing you’re not improving is that you don’t know where you fail and just keep practicing. What are you improving on? You must identify your weakness, create a plan to improve it, and spend additional time to practice.

Focus on footwork

Footwork is an important skill on tennis. It is actually the major factor of missed shots, not the stroke technique. When you have poor footwork, you have a high chance of getting off balance, unable to hit the ball, lose control, and an inability of taking a full swing. Focus on footwork by doing footwork drills in the morning and getting the ball as quickly as you can.

Use a high-quality racquet

Did you know that tennis racquets help improve your performance? It is made of several factors that support power, strength, and spin. One high-quality racquet is the Prince Tour 98 ESP Tennis Racquet. What are its features that help you improve your game?

Prince Tour 98 ESP Tennis Racquet Features

The Prince Tour 98 ESP has a 16 x 16 string pattern, a super open string pattern that ensures players hit the ball into the opponent’s court.

It is very comfortable to use. In fact, Prince Tour 98 ESP has a very soft, plush feel but gives you huge control enough to hit shots and lines. It is easy to maneuver and spin because it is lightweight.

Prince Tour 98 ESP is guaranteed high quality. In fact, it won a “Best of Power” award from the UK’s tennis magazine and “Best Spin Racket” by the US tennis mag.

The Prince Tour 98 ESP has an 825 power level, which is suited for strong, experienced tennis players. The Prince Tour 98 ESP also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a complimentary stringing.

The head size is 98 square inches, a mid plus size that’s great for additional control. With a mid-plus sized head, you can direct your strikes with minimal effort and apply spin.

The Prince Tour 98 ESP’s weight is 11.5 ounces, length is 27 inches, and balance point is 12.58 inches with 7 points of head lightness. The build is well rounded and increases your control over the ball but requires extra energy when you swing.

The Prince Tour 98 ESP also helps enhance your spinning techniques be it underspin, topspin, or side spin.

This racquet with bright green accents is designed to reduce vibration. Most racquets have an elliptical shape, but the Prince Tour 98 ESP has a somewhat rounder shape. This improves the impact point where the ball lands on the string, giving you control with every strike and move.

Pros and Cons

The Prince Tour 98 ESP is high rated tennis racquet. But just like any other products, it comes with some flaws too.


  • Reduces vibration
  • Increases accuracy
  • Improves control
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Midsize head
  • Comfortable grip
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ideal for experienced players
  • Open string pattern
  • High quality
  • Won awards from popular tennis magazines


  • Less strength output


Improving your tennis skills is not impossible, especially if you work hard. How to do it? You must know your weaknesses and work on it.

Create a plan on how to improve it such as spending an extra time on the practice court. Improve your footwork too, because this is a major factor that affects your shots and spins.

Another tip to improve your performance is using a good quality racquet. This is the key secret of many professional tennis players. So, here’s one good racquet: the Prince Tour 98 ESP.

It has an open string pattern, 11.5 ounces weight, 27 inches length, 12.58 inches balance point, and 825 power level. All these factors are constructed together to increase accuracy, improve control, reduce vibration, and improve comfort.

Although players need to exert extra power when striking the ball, this Prince Tour 98 ESP Tennis Racquet has all the qualities that help enhance skills and performance that experienced players need to improve on.